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Duane Sampson -> Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:03:45 AM)

There is this free (pay if you want to) football game online that is pretty fun and helps pass the time til' the real football season starts again.  It doesn't take much time to maintain a player or two (maybe 10 minutes a day) and it's kind of fun to build them up how you would like. 

At the very least, help me out by making a player and then log into the site 24 hours later so I get credit for the referral.  Help me out and have fun doing it!!!  I listed some FAQ's below.

Use this link to join the game: 

What is Goal Line Blitz?
Goal Line Blitz is a browser-based multiplayer online game based on American Football. It is assumed
that you know at least some of the rules of American Football.

What can I do in this game?
Goal Line Blitz gives you a couple of options, depending on how you want to play the game. You can
create players, level them up, and participate in a team's attempt to win the championship. You can
also gain control of a team and set tactics, recruit players, build your stadium, and more. This is
a truly community-based game. You should get to know some of the users on our forum. Most would be
happy to answer your questions or recruit you to their team.

How many players and teams can I have in my account?
As many as you can afford with your flex points. We start you out with enough to make between 2 and
4 players.

I messed up and made the wrong position. Can I start over and get my points back?
Yes. Just go to your player's profile page and click the "Retirement Options" link. You can retire
your player from there and get a refund of points.
NOTE: You cannot retire a player once he has joined a human controlled team, so make sure you remain
a free agent if you plan to retire the player.  You can retire from a CPU owned team.

What's with the different costs to create different position players?
Since some positions are more glamorous than others, we have made the less glamorous positions
cheaper to create, to encourage you to create players in those positions as well. These prices may
change over time with demand for various positions.

What are the maximum levels?
Attributes can go to 100. Special Skills can go to 10. Player Level has no limit. As you increase
each of these, you will find it harder and harder to increase them more. That is, the better you
get, the harder it is to get even better.

How do I gain XP? When do I level up?
You gain XP for training and participating in games. When your XP reaches 1000, you will level up
and get some additional skill points to spend. The higher you get in level, the less XP you will get
for training and playing. LV 1 players will usually level up after a game or two.

What are skill points?
Skill points are points awarded to your player in order to improve his skills. You gain skill points
by leveling up. Each attribute or special ability costs 1 SP at first, but becomes more expensive
the higher you go.

How do I join a team?
Go to the Contracts tab on your player's profile page. There are 3 offers from CPU teams to start
out. If a human team gives you an offer, it will erase the CPU offers.

I joined a CPU team. How can I get on a human-controlled team?
You must have a human team owner offer you a contract. Contact the owner of the team you are
interested in joining via private message or forum to arrange a deal.

How does equipment work?
At first, all equipment costs $500. You choose your color and then pick what skill you want it to
help you with. Every 8 levels, you have the option to upgrade your equipment in order to get a
bigger boost. Each boost will cost more money than the last. Make sure you equip the equipment to
gain the skill point(s).

How long is a season?
40 real life days, which simulates a 20 week season including playoffs (games are every 2 days).

Are there playoffs? Who gets to go?
Yes. After the last games of the season are played, playoff brackets will be created for each
league. The top 8 teams from each conference will go to the playoffs, and play in single-elimination
brackets where the winners from each conference meet in the championship game. The others will have
to wait until next year.

Toby Stumbo -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:06:32 AM)

Here is my account and players.


If we can get enough people to join we'll have to get our own team. [:'(]

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:06:33 AM)

It would be good to get a bunch of you started so that when we buy our team we can sign you all as free agents! [sm=beer.gif]

Toby Stumbo -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:09:25 AM)

Here are some threads from the games forum that explain things you need to know when playing.

Guide to creating players:  http://goallineblitz.com/game/forum_thread.pl?thread_id=6371

Game Mechanics:  http://goallineblitz.com/game/forum_thread.pl?thread_id=81987

Links to all the other need to know:  http://goallineblitz.com/game/forum_thread.pl?thread_id=14412

Todd M -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:12:37 AM)

I'm going to be the ball hawking safety you're going need.

Use Sammy's link as Toby has been hogging all the referals. [8D]

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:14:23 AM)

I'm going to develop a OT and a QB. I already have us a pancaking road grader of a center. [8|]

Toby Stumbo -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:15:18 AM)

I have a level 3 OT that is leveling up on a CPU team for now.  He'll be a great blind side blocker.

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:17:27 AM)

Then I'll go RT

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:17:55 AM)

We need a really good guard too. My center will be ass kick.

Toby Stumbo -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:20:17 AM)

The beauty of offensive linemen (and kickers/punters) is they are cheap to create and boost. [:'(]

Lots of strength and blocking for starters Sammy, don't overdo the special abilities yet.

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:26:25 AM)

I'm doing 1 SA for every 5 reg attributes. It'll be good, I've studied..... [;)]

Mark Duda -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 4:58:40 PM)

I got a CB and an OT.. both level 1. My CB got 2 tackles and 4 PDs (game high)  in his first game!! 

Toby Stumbo -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 6:26:59 PM)


Todd M -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 7:24:16 PM)

Should I have been looking harder to sign with a team that would get me starts or is it normal to be on the bench for a bit?

Or do the stats do nothing anyway?

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 8:41:18 PM)

You don't have to start to get time. My player got 45 snaps in my first game and I'm the back up.

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 8:45:13 PM)

I want to buy a team soon. I'd like to get all talkvikes players. C'mon - let's get our own team. Everyone start building players!!!

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:32:24 PM)

I bought 20,000 points! Get in this game!!!!! ![sm=headbang.gif]

Guest -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:45:53 PM)

I really don't have time... my wife bitches enough about me and the time on the computer as it is..

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 9:48:14 PM)

Well, at least you don't spend that time golfing! [&:]

Guest -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 10:18:51 PM)

she likes to go golfing with me... she likes to drive the cart....

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 10:21:07 PM)

And drive home after the 19th? [:D]

Todd M -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 11:05:13 PM)


ORIGINAL: Duane Sampson

I bought 20,000 points! Get in this game!!!!! ![sm=headbang.gif]

It certainly seems like this game is a lot more fun if you're willing to shell out a few bucks.

I wonder if they get any sales on the HOF package. I would think most don't go higher than the starter package.

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 11:11:15 PM)

Well. Todd....

Let's just start with 130 clams and see what we have, K?  [;)]

Todd M -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 11:14:01 PM)

Spend more money Sammy!

No, I think you laid down plenty of clams to boost your enjoyment of the game. I don't see why anyone would throw down a cool G.

Duane Sampson -> RE: Goal Line Blitz Football (5/8/2008 11:16:24 PM)

I'm gonna buy a team and grab all the talkvikes guys and we're gonna build up and kick some ass.

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