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McMurfy -> Wolve’s prediction thread (10/25/2017 9:49:35 AM)

41-41,no playoffs.

David Levine -> RE: Wolve’s prediction thread (10/25/2017 10:57:08 AM)



41-41,no playoffs.

That's what I was going to post when I saw the thread...

kgdabom -> RE: Wolve’s prediction thread (11/2/2017 12:04:35 PM)

Right now the Wolves are 5-3 facing an average schedule. This projects to 51-31 for the season. Throw out the 2 losses when Butler didn't play and we are 5-1. I'm expecting good to great things from our team. 79-3. Go Wolves.

Bill Johanesen -> RE: Wolve’s prediction thread (11/3/2017 6:49:34 PM)

After the supposed, so-called "Big 3" go 41-41, people stop using the term "Big 3" until the Big 3 actually, you know, accomplish something.

PaulinaAvila -> RE: Wolve’s prediction thread (6/16/2020 6:54:24 PM)

Wolves powwweeeeer! i Really wish they win

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