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kgdabom -> Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/6/2024 1:53:00 PM)

After the draft and the message board is "crickets" now. Rookie mini camp is always something I look forward to with great interest.

The Vikings' rookie minicamp will take place at TCO Performance Center from May 10th to 12th, the NFL announced on Wednesday. It'll be the first time that J.J. McCarthy, Dallas Turner, and the rest of Minnesota's rookies take the field for an NFL practice.

The Vikings' offseason program is already underway. Following rookie minicamp, there will be OTAs on May 20-21, May 23, May 28-29, May 31, and June 10-13. Mandatory minicamp is set for June 4-6.

These are some of the players who will be participating in Vikings rookie minicamp:

2024 Draft Picks (7)
* J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan
* Dallas Turner, OLB, Alabama
* Khyree Jackson, CB, Oregon
* Walter Rouse, OT, Oklahoma
* Will Reichard, K, Alabama
* Michael Jurgens, C, Wake Forest
* Levi Drake Rodriguez, DT, Texas A&M-Commerce

2024 UDFAs (17)
* Gabriel Murphy, EDGE, UCLA
* Owen Porter, EDGE, Marshall
* Dwight McGlothern Jr., CB, Arkansas
* Bo Richter, LB, Air Force
* Dallas Gant, LB, Toledo
* Donovan Manuel, LB, Florida International
* K.J. Cloyd, LB, Miami
* Taki Taimani, DT, Oregon
* Tyler Manoa, DT, Arizona
* Doug Nester, OL, West Virginia
* Matt Cindric, OL, California
* Spencer Rolland, OL, North Carolina
* Jeremy Flax, OL, Kentucky
* Trey Knox, TE, South Carolina
* Devron Harper, WR, Mercer
* Ty James, WR, Mercer
* Jeshaun Jones, WR, Maryland

Those 24 players will be supplemented by a variety of players attending the minicamp on a tryout basis. Those are typically rookies who weren't signed as UDFAs, but they can sometimes include players who already have previous NFL experience. Adam Thielen and C.J. Ham are famous examples of players who made the Vikings' roster after trying out at rookie minicamp. Here are a few tryout players who are reportedly attending this year's Vikings rookie camp:

* Jermaine Brown Jr., RB, UAB (source)
* Chance Main, DT, Texas State (source)
* Noah Washington, EDGE, Morgan State (source)
* Brady Weeks, LS, Minnesota (source)
* Kolbi Fuqua, DB, Jacksonville State (source)

That's 29 players. Last year's rookie minicamp had 43, so keep an eye out for the full rosters when camp begins on May 10th.
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kgdabom -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/6/2024 1:59:13 PM)

As of now we are scheduled to have one RB at Mini Camp and he's not even a UDFA. A tryout player.
* Jermaine Brown Jr., RB, UAB (source)

Mark Anderson -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/7/2024 8:36:12 AM)

Nice thread. Please keep us updated.

kgdabom -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/7/2024 8:27:50 PM)


ORIGINAL: Mark Anderson

Nice thread. Please keep us updated.

I'll do what I can, but help is always welcome.

ratoppenheimer -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/8/2024 7:59:41 AM)


ORIGINAL: kgdabom

As of now we are scheduled to have one RB at Mini Camp and he's not even a UDFA. A tryout player.
* Jermaine Brown Jr., RB, UAB (source)


Jermaine Brown Jr., RB, UAB

Jermaine Brown Jr., RB, UAB

5-8, 185lb. 4.50/40time

2023….803 yds, 5.1 avg, 41 rec, 416 yds

kgdabom -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/9/2024 7:16:40 PM)

By this time tomorrow we may have some reports.

kgdabom -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/10/2024 3:21:50 PM)

Here is the position-by-position list of 45 total players (alphabetical order by last name):

Quarterbacks (2)

J.J. McCarthy, Michigan (2024 first-round pick)

Parker McKinney, Eastern Kentucky (invited as rookie tryout)

Running backs (2)

Jermaine Brown, UAB (invited as rookie tryout)

DeWayne McBride, UAB (2023 seventh-round pick)

Wide receivers (6)

Devron Harper, Mercer (undrafted free agent)

Ty James, Mercer (undrafted free agent)

Jeshaun Jones, Maryland (undrafted free agent)

Malik Knowles, Kansas State (2023 undrafted free agent)

Makai Polk, Mississippi State (invited as pro tryout)

Thayer Thomas, N.C. State (2023 undrafted free agent)

Tight ends (3)

Devon Garrison, Pittsburg State (invited as rookie tryout)

Trey Knox, South Carolina (undrafted free agent)

Sammis Reyes, Tulane (invited as pro tryout)

Offensive linemen (7)

Henry Byrd, Princeton (2023 practice squad member)

Matt Cindric, California (undrafted free agent)

Jeremy Flax, Kentucky (undrafted free agent)

Michael Jurgens, Wake Forest (2024 seventh-round pick)

Doug Nester, West Virginia (undrafted free agent)

Spencer Rolland, North Carolina (undrafted free agent)

Walter Rouse, Oklahoma (2024 sixth-round pick)

Defensive linemen (5)

Tyler Manoa, Arizona (undrafted free agent)

Aidan Murray, Richmond (invited as rookie tryout)

Levi Drake Rodriguez, Texas A&M-Commerce (2024 seventh-round pick)

Taki Taimani, Oregon (undrafted free agent)

Noah Washington, Morgan State (invited as rookie tryout)

Outside linebackers (5)

Chance Main, Texas State (invited as rookie tryout)

Gabriel Murphy, UCLA (undrafted free agent)

Owen Porter, Marshall (undrafted free agent)

Bo Richter, Air Force (undrafted free agent)

Dallas Turner, Alabama (2024 first-round pick)

Linebackers (3)

K.J. Cloyd, Miami (undrafted free agent)

Dallas Gant, Toledo (undrafted free agent)

Donovan Manuel, Florida International (undrafted free agent)

Defensive backs (9)

Bubba Bolden (S), Miami (invited as pro tryout)

DJ Brown (DB), Notre Dame (invited as rookie tryout)

Jacobi Francis (CB), Memphis (invited as pro tryout)

Kolbi Fuqua (DB), Jacksonville State (invited as rookie tryout)

Jakorey Hawkins (CB), Wyoming (invited as rookie tryout)

William Hooper (CB), Northwestern State (invited as pro tryout)

Tre'Von Jones (CB), Minnesota (invited as rookie tryout)

Khyree Jackson (CB), Oregon (2024 fourth-round pick)

Dwight McGlothern (CB), Arkansas (undrafted free agent)

Kicker (1)

Will Reichard, Alabama (2024 sixth-round pick)

Punter (1)

Seth Vernon, Portland State (already rostered)

Long snapper (1)

Brady Weeks, Minnesota (invited as rookie tryout)

kgdabom -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/10/2024 3:28:40 PM)

I really want to hear how Dallas Turner is just blowing by everybody and dominating. JJ is hitting WRs for 60 yard bombs. An INT or two for Khyree would be OK too.

kgdabom -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/10/2024 6:12:16 PM)

Copy and paste didn't work. Funkytown posted some great links from X on the Purple Pain forum. I'll ask him to share here.

kgdabom -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/10/2024 6:51:36 PM)

Pressers with JJ, Turner and KOC. I like how JJ is calling Khyree Jackson KJ as if they were already lifelong friends.

kgdabom -> RE: Rookie Mini Camp 2024 (5/11/2024 12:11:04 PM)

46 Minutes of Matt Coller and Dane Mizutani breaking down JJs first day of practice with the Vikings and a few other things.

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