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Toby Stumbo -> Guidelines (7/14/2007 5:49:22 AM)

Welcome to our Forum which is provided for fans of Minnesota Sports who love to talk about it.

We ask that all members follow our guidelines when they post and demand that they have fun while doing it.

1) No racial degradation. Including, but not limited to, racial slurs, hate speech and comments which condone hate crimes.

2) No negative remarks to or about one's family, especially children. This is considered family smack and will not be tolerated in any forum on the board.

3) Sexual harrassment of any kind is not allowed. This applies to both male and female members.

4) As discussions about both politics and religion can become quite heated, such topics will be monitored closely to ensure these discussion do not escalate into threads of personal attacks.

5) No spamming of any sort. Any posts deemed as spam will be deleted immediately, no questions or debates.

6) No string of posts may contain a total of greater than 200kb of image worth. Images should be kept under 450 pixels wide. Images wider than this may be removed or resized.

7) No image posted will be allowed to show nudity, be sexually explicit or contain anything which may be considered excessively obscene. Links to sites containing pornographic material are also prohibited.

8) The posting of private messages in the public forums is prohibited except where permission has been given. Private messages are just that - private.

** One more note. Although we won't force people to use their real names most of us are.

We reserves the right, at its own digressions, to edit, move, delete posts that violate the above rules. We also reserves the right to update/modify the board guidelines without prior notice. So please check the guidelines on a regular basis.

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