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Retired New Orleans Saints special teams player Steve Gleason tells HBO's "Real Sports" in an interview set to air Tuesday that he was surprised no one seemed shocked when former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams talked so harshly about opponents prior to last season's playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers.
"The real problem was no one seemed shocked," Gleason says in the interview, according to USA Today. "There was no discussion of, 'Wow, did we just hear that?' "
Gleason had previously expressed his disappointment with filmmaker Sean Pamphilon for releasing a portion of the audio of Williams' speech. Gleason said in April that he owned the rights to the tape and had not authorized its release. The interview with HBO is the first time he publicly has reacted to the nature of Williams' words, in which he seemed to urge Saints defenders to injure 49ers players.
"When he specified the other players' injuries, that to me, was over the line," Gleason tells HBO, according to USA Today.
Pamphilon was following the Saints during the 2011 season while working on a documentary featuring former player Gleason, who is battling Lou Gehrig's disease.
Williams, now with the St. Louis Rams, was suspended indefinitely by the NFL for his role in the Saints' bounty program.

Bill Jandro -> RE: NFL News (8/23/2012 9:13:29 PM)



Not important but gonna bitch anyway.

PFT is such a joke. They will not let me post anything negative on Tebow.

The gist of the article:


“All you have to do is watch him throw the ball,” said Esiason. “Just watch him. . . . You can say whatever you want about Tim Tebow. He played some of the worst football that any quarterback has ever played in the history of the game last year, at times.”

And Boomer agrees that having Tebow on the roster poses an unnecessary challenge for allegedly-entrenched starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

“I just think this whole thing — at least from my perspective right now — in relation to who Mark Sanchez is, your starting quarterback, is a major mistake,” Esiason said.

My post:

Boomer nails it! Props for not pandering to the untouchable one.


I still cannot believe the Jets bailed Denver out by taking that sideshow off their hands.

Elway played his cards right dumping tebow and signing Peyton

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