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Lynn G. -> RE: 2012 Picks Pool (10/21/2012 10:49:15 AM)

I hate the Thursday games for the same reason Tim. I used to be so good at getting my picks in sometime on Saturdays, but with the advent of Thursday games I find that I go through the same head slap every week when I get the league reminder and then I race to get them in.

Not that giving my picks a lot of thought has done much good for me in the past - but it's annoying.

John Childress -> RE: 2012 Picks Pool (10/21/2012 2:45:33 PM)

Picking the Ravens killed me

I just refuse to believe in Texans


Lynn G. -> RE: 2012 Picks Pool (11/16/2012 11:35:46 PM)

Doh! I forgot to make my picks this week so I had to take Miami with a 14 weighting. I'm a knucklehead.

Lynn G. -> RE: 2012 Picks Pool (11/19/2012 6:56:54 AM)

Boy, this turned out to be an easy week for picks judging by the fact that most of the board got most of the picks right. It kills to only have two picks wrong but be at the bottom of the weekly standings!

Tim Cady -> RE: 2012 Picks Pool (12/23/2012 6:24:47 PM)

Finally on break had time to pick and picked with my heart. I was thinking what week until I saw shoemaker better unless we both get Seattl wrong.

Lynn G. -> RE: 2012 Picks Pool (12/29/2012 2:07:01 PM)

Well kids, I picked all of the home teams this week. If I'm right about that I didn't even need to rank them because I'm expecting a perfect score! It'll be such a nice way to end the season. [:D]

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