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Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:28:34 PM)


Killed the 5-3 and the aftermath.

OMG Kengas is the best goalie I have seen in Maroon and Gold since Stauber.  3 critical saves.

Pace is very fast....if they team could just finish!!!!!!!!!

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:31:03 PM)

Thanks Jason.
Better start than I expected.
The team loves their goaltender. When that happens, they can do anything.
Kangas has always had that effect on his teams.
Always starts out quiet and unassuming, but once the coaches and players start to trust him, he never lets them down.
Happened in youth, happened in HS, happened in Juniors, and is happening here, in the place he always wanted to end up.
Cinderella-story. He will make this club good for the next 3 years, even with all the incoming new guys.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:33:31 PM)

Another penalty with a minut and a half to go in the second.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:36:34 PM)

I had no idea, but in the 25 year history of the Final 5, no team has ever won it after appearing in the Thursday night game.
Something to shoot for, boys. [:-]
I'll be one excited camper even if we get by this one!

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:37:05 PM)

Made it thru 2, still 2-1!!!!!

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:40:16 PM)


OK 2-1 after 2, 34 sec to kill off.

Winning the battles 5 on 5, huge kills to close out the second.

Team is wearing a maroon #21 for Pohl.

PP is still struggling to set up, but they did captalize on a 5 on 3.  Kaufman is to indecisive on the point, hesitates and retreats, however he did score the goal on the PP so I should lay off. 

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:46:52 PM)

Keep it coming, Jason.
Nice to see seniors like Kaufmann and Peltier take charge down the stretch here.
At least they are going down swinging.
Sure would like to see Wheeler get a hot spell going.
He's the kind of players that can take them from over-achieving to just plain good.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:47:39 PM)

Team is wearing a maroon #21 for Pohl

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:53:43 PM)


Killed off the penalty.  Very conservative start.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 8:55:54 PM)

Lots of dump and chase...Gophers no D pinching.  Gophs are applying some pressure.  Hardly any checking.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:07:47 PM)


Still 2-1 9 minutes to go.  SCSU is truggling.  We have the advantage 5-5 stay out of the box.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:08:43 PM)

Hang on boys!
I'll even take an insurance marker.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:10:28 PM)

  SCSU is starting to make their run, 745 to go. 

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:12:44 PM)


Dump and Chase one low forecheck with a winger way high in the slot.....dont like thatin a 1 goal game.  Going to be a tight finish.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:14:14 PM)

The old prevent ....

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:16:48 PM)


Yeah and they messed it upbig time...three forwards caught low on the forecheck....defense loses the puck...2-1 GOAL SCSU  2-2

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:17:41 PM)


Penalty on SCSU.  410 to go...Have to take advantage.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:19:52 PM)


Kenges huge poke check to break up a clear break...OMG i cant take another OT...Fisher on the PP aggravates me, no hands at all

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:21:02 PM)


2 to go still tied

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:22:14 PM)

1 min to go

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:23:44 PM)


12 seconds


So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:24:33 PM)


So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:25:07 PM)

We live to play another day!

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:25:14 PM)


Howe from Peltier and Fisher...way to go boys...I have to critisize fisher more often...this run is awesome.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:26:36 PM)



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