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So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:30:02 PM)

Thanks again, Jason.
What a relief.
This good story keeps getting better.
I like being the underdog for a change.
Lots of scrambling for tickets as we speak. (again)
I'll never forget the atmosphere around the X last year when Wheeler put in his magic shot and we walked out of there with the title and it was St Pattys Day, and ..... well, you can imagine. [&:]
Most excitement in downtown since the Twins last title.
At least where I was.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:40:29 PM)



Thanks again, Jason.
What a relief.
This good story keeps getting better.
I like being the underdog for a change.
Lots of scrambling for tickets as we speak. (again)
I'll never forget the atmosphere around the X last year when Wheeler put in his magic shot and we walked out of there with the title and it was St Pattys Day, and ..... well, you can imagine. [&:]
Most excitement in downtown since the Twins last title.
At least where I was.

No problem bud,

Agree on last year that goal was one of the greatest in Gopher history.

I am sure they have had a tough year, faced a lot of heat with all the expectations.  How many ties, no OT wins during the regular season, lose the first one in Mankato and win 2 OT thrillers to a goal with 12 seconds to win another big game....Its special for the players, coaches, parents after all that and with Tommy Pohl fighting. 


So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 9:41:06 PM)

By Bruce Bisping, Star Tribune
MInnesota goalie Alex Kangas made a kick save against St. Cloud State.
The Gophers scored the game winner with 12 seconds left , advancing to the semifinal round of the WCHA Final Five against top seed Colorado College on Friday night.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/20/2008 11:26:38 PM)

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA (TICKER) —North Dakota has the inside track to a second straight Hobey Baker Award winner.
Goaltender Jean-Philippe Lamoureux and forward T.J. Oshie of the Fighting Sioux on Thursday were among the 10 players announced as finalists for the 2008 Hobey Baker Award, given annually to college hockey’s top player.
The final three contenders will be announced April 2, with the winner being revealed nine days later during the NCAA Frozen Four.
After forward Ryan Duncan won the award in 2007, North Dakota is the lone team boasting two finalists this year. Lamoureux, a senior, owns the nation’s best goals-against average at 1.63 and has lost just once in his last 20 games - allowing less than two goals in 15 of those contests.
Drafted 25th overall by the St. Louis Blues in 205, Oshie has scored five game-winning goals this season and is second in school history with 16 career clinching tallies. He has recorded 17 goals and 22 assists in 37 games this season, posting 13 multi-point performances in the process.
Other finalists for this year’s Hobey Baker Award are goaltenders Jeff Lerg of Michigan State and Kevin Regan of New Hampshire and forwards Nathan Gerbe of Boston College, Ryan Jones of Miami, Lee Jubinville of Princeton, Ryan Lasch of St. Cloud State, Kevin Porter of Michigan and Simon Lambert of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 12:12:17 AM)

Howe took Pohl's usual fourth-line spot in the lineup.
It was destiny.  [sm=icon_salut.gif]

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 4:44:22 PM)

Suuuuuhweeeet Denver win over the Sioux today.
What great effort.
Denver is young but tough as nails.
Fantastic goal to win it late.
Gophers have to suck it up one more time tonight and get it done to avoid an all-Colorado final.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 6:09:14 PM)

All set to post a Notre Dame victory....Miami scores with 3 seconds to force OT, college hockey is the best Unreal.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 7:30:51 PM)


Big game tonight scoreless so far, both Goalies are very good, play tough and smart.
Miami won in OT over N Dame.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 7:49:14 PM)

Have no idea where the Gophs are getting their energy, but they are hanging tough again tonight.
Kangas continues to just stop every chance.
Our only offense is breaks, gotta have them, Bostrom!
Too much time on the kill also.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 8:12:43 PM)

Huge answer by Hoeffel!!!!
It would have been tough to be behind all night, good to get one right back.
1-1 now. And the Gophers showing life.
We should have some PPs coming.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 9:01:36 PM)


Time to fire upthat PP, Come on Gophers light the lamp.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 9:07:49 PM)


Gophers struggle on the PP...I think they ought to try the umbrella or work from behind the net.  Our point men dont get it, shoot when the low players are in position for a tip or rebound, not when they are in the corner.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 9:46:39 PM)


How about it, another OT. 


Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 9:59:40 PM)


This is an amazing run....GO GOPHERS!!!!!

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 11:28:48 PM)

Love this team more every day.
No quit in them.
They should have been the one's dragging ass in the 3rd and OT, instead it was their best periods.
Asst Coach Hill made an excellent observation before the third, that the U has incredible guys working for them in the strength and training areas. And it shows up. He said they expect to be stronger than their opponents late, and they are.
In that vein, even when the Gophers don't do real well as a team, the fact of the matter is that they will ALWAYS have the best players. They get their choice of the cream of the crop and it doesn't always show up until a run like this.
There's a reason there are guys making plays late in games that you haven't seen for long stretches of the game.
The bench is just full of guys who were studs growing up, and that is an incredible advantage to have.
Even through this great run, there are guys that still have not contributed much. When they start doing that.. look the hell out.
White/Carman/Gordon/Flynn are incredible players who haven't added much lately.
These are very very good teams they are beating lately. That was a strong CC club. St Cloud's best-ever maybe. Mankato's best-ever possibly.
As Jason says, fantastic run. It is so much fun to just watch them lay it out there and whatever happens, happens.
IMO, Ever since the national title runs, this team has had tons of pressure to succeed. They got rid of that this mid-season with a terrible stretch of hockey. Okposo bailed on them, and the rest could have caved. Instead, they came together and turned it all around. Sign of a great program with tradition and also the sign of a great coaching staff. Lucia never loses kids, some just quit on him.
If you stick with him and believe, things will work out.  
Time to make history Saturday night.
The X will be rockin.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/21/2008 11:53:19 PM)

Great news from the Pohl situation.
From the Strib ...

Jim Pohl was watching from opposite the Gophers bench at Alltel Center in Mankato. His wife, Joanne, was nearby, sitting in the fan section near the goal line with other players' parents as the Gophers battled Minnesota State Mankato Sunday night.
Early in the second period, Jim saw son Tom go down in front of the bench, and when his youngest son did not get up, a sick feeling came over the former high school coach and the father of four hockey-playing sons.
It is still traumatic for Jim Pohl to talk about that night. Tom, a popular senior forward on the team, was airlifted from Mankato to St. Marys Hospital in Rochester. At 1 a.m. he was in surgery to repair bleeding on the brain and a skull fracture. He was in surgery for nearly four hours.
But on Friday, Tom, 23, was released from the hospital and was resting at his parents' home in Red Wing. With Tom sleeping, Jim Pohl talked about the ordeal Tom and the Pohl family endured.
He was grateful, for the medical treatment Tom received on the rink and at Mayo Clinic, and for the countless hockey people throughout the state who offered sympathy, best wishes and prayers. His son's progress has amazed him.
"On Tuesday morning, 28 hours after brain surgery, he was walking around," Jim Pohl said. "He had three things going for him: He is young. He is in phenomenal shape, and he has tremendous support."
Tom Pohl's brothers Mike, 24, and Mark, 27, drove from the Twin Cities. His oldest brother, John, 28, who plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and John's wife, Krissy (Wendell) -- both were All-America players at Minnesota -- caught the first flight they could Monday morning in Toronto.
Jim Pohl said it took a long time for Tom to awaken after surgery, and he was quiet at first, but then ...
"Tommy recognized his whole family, and that was a positive sign," Jim said. "He was happy his brothers and family were with him. He thanked everybody for being there."
Before the surgery, Pohl's parents were told he had blood clots that had to be removed or it could be fatal for him. The surgery went well, the clots were removed, the bleeding stopped.
"The prognosis is for continued improvement," Jim Pohl said. "He's moving well and speaking well. And he has to get up and walk around every so often."
His recovery will take some time.
"Tuesday afternoon he had physical therapy," Jim Pohl said. "He walked around the ward and he was pretty exhausted. And this is a guy who was in tremendous shape, and that's one reason he is out of the hospital, besides all the prayers and efforts of so many people.
"You love your children, and part of life is challenges. But this is -- whoa."
Mark Pohl also had a scary injury that ended his hockey career.
"He went into the boards headfirst in the USHL in 2001 playing for the Tri-City Storm," Jim Pohl said. "His mother was at the game, so this is the second time through something like this for her. He was paralyzed for a time, a few hours."
Jim Pohl said his family also worried about Jason Wiley of the Mavericks.
Wiley, a sophomore forward, is the player whose elbow knocked Tom's helmet off. Tom's head then appeared to hit the top of the low boards in front of the Gophers' bench and then the ice.
"Jason is in our prayers, too," Jim Pohl said. "He has had a tremendous amount of things to deal with. From our perspective there was no intention on his part to injure someone."
Wiley visited Tom in the hospital on Wednesday, with Pohl's whole family there, too. "It was pretty special," Jim Pohl said of the visit.
Tom tried to watch the Gophers' game against St. Cloud State on Thursday night but slept through most of it.
"He did not see much except the last half of the third period," Jim Pohl said. "He was pretty excited for his teammates."
The Gophers won 3-2 on a last-minute goal.
"Tommy is on the road to recovery," Jim Pohl said. "There will be good days and some tough days. But Good Friday is a good day for our family."
Tom Pohl was home and healing.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/22/2008 12:24:19 AM)

Remember the great scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, when their pursuers just keep coming?
"Who ARE these guys?"
From the Strib re-cap ....

Everybody has been waiting for [the Gophers] to run out of gas," Tigers coach Scott Owens said. "I don't think it will be this weekend. ... They did not look tired at all. They came out right away rejuvenated in overtime."
Without question. The puck was in the CC zone most of the overtime. The Gophers outshot the Tigers 4-1 in overtime and had four faceoffs in the CC zone.
"This team never ceases to amaze me," Gophers coach Don Lucia said. "A different guy seems to get the game-wining goal each night. [And] our goaltender has put the team on his back and willed us to win."
Freshman Alex Kangas stopped 37 shots for the Gophers; Bachman, the WCHA Player and Rookie of the Year, had 33 saves for CC.
Friday each team scored a goal early in the second period.
CC, which outshot the Gophers 20-9 in the first period, started the second with a minute left on a power play and converted. Sophomore center Andreas Vlassopoulos scored at 39 seconds from 10 feet out in the slot.
Hoeffel answered at 1:38, beating Bachman's glove on a high shot from 30-feet out in the slot.
"Mike's first goal was probably the biggest one," Lucia said. "They scored on a power play and he answered right away."
These Gophers were not going down easy.
"They're playing with emotion," said Vlassopoulos, whose team did not have to play a quarterfinal the night before. "They were not nearly as tired as we thought they would be."

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/22/2008 9:12:56 AM)


The Gophers are playing their best hockey because 1. Alex Kangas (best goalie since Stauber) 2. Protecting the Puck, much improved in turnovers 3. Clearing the zone/breakouts, passing has improved tremendously 4. HEART, the most important.

Special teams is usually the difference, if the Gophers had a PP going these games wouldnt be close.  This is the one area they need to work hard on for the NCAAs.  The points need start passing with a purpose, move the box, forwards need to get into better position.  Whats happening is the passing isnt crisp and the penalty killers are allowed to disrupt the timing, easier said then done on how to improve it, these teams are all good in the WCHA, but something has to be done on the PP.  They are being forced out to the perimeter, which simply cant happen, find a way to attack the net, Coach Woog is correct, the forwards must attack the net rather than staying on the sideboards and making cross ice passes.  Draw the defender, move the puck crsiply and shoot when your teammates are in position to tip or rebound, not when they are sitting in the corners....ATTACK.

Lynn G. -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/22/2008 11:33:06 AM)

Way to go Gophers!  What a fun game to watch, and it was obvious they never waivered from their belief that they could win that thing.

And good news about Tom Pohl.  I'm so glad his family doesn't blame Wiley for the hit because those kind of hard feelings could make Tom's recovery much tougher.  Best wishes to Tom and I hope he's back on his feet very soon.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/22/2008 7:19:11 PM)

Are U ready for some hockey, Jason?
Let's get it on, boys!!!!!

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/22/2008 7:46:51 PM)



Are U ready for some hockey, Jason?
Let's get it on, boys!!!!!

Sure am, man we have to stay out of the box.  Tough call to negate that 2 on 1 with a minute to go.  Kangas is really something, keeping us in it again.

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/22/2008 7:52:32 PM)

Yes he is.
Lucia said it best today, "Alex played his best when his HS team started playoffs, when his Junior teams began playoffs, and now when his college team needs him". Kid is a warrior. And probably the nicest kid off the ice. Not a bad bone in his body. Feel great for him.
0-0 after one bodes well for us.
Sioux should be just about back to Fargo by now. Congrats on third, btw. [;)]

We need some new heroes tonight.
I'm going with Carman and Gordon.

Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/22/2008 8:14:51 PM)



Jason Dorn -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/22/2008 8:20:05 PM)


Dang,lucky goal, no big deal, those happen, no breakdowns, even for last nights OT winner.

Time to Grind....GO GOPHERS!!!!!

So.Mn.Fan -> RE: RE:Gopher Hockey (3/22/2008 9:09:57 PM)

Hanging tough, down 2-1.
Time for some more magic, boys.

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