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Trekgeekscott -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/6/2012 10:43:31 AM)


I'm feeling a bit dissed.

Today is my birthday and there is no banner announcing it to the world.


Lynn G. -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/6/2012 10:48:29 AM)

Oh man - that's a rotten deal. I think Toby sets the banner stuff up weeks in advance, but must have just missed this one. It's also the birthday of someone we like to call "Guest." [:D]

I got your back. Just posted on the Vikings thread.

Toby Stumbo -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/7/2012 9:34:06 AM)

Did I mess up the date? oops, sorry dood and happy belated.

twinsfan -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/10/2012 8:17:58 AM)

Speaking of the birthday banner, it's leaving out the birthday part lately. [:D]

Toby Stumbo -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/10/2012 11:12:29 AM)

haha, my bad.

Guest -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/21/2012 2:42:58 AM)

Server error on everything again?

couldn't even open the home page for three hours ...

Server Error in '/' Application.

Runtime Error

Todd M -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/21/2012 7:16:04 AM)

I can only open two threads. This one and Social issues.

Better than hours and hours of not even being able to get on the site. But only a little.

Jim Frenette -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/21/2012 1:17:04 PM)

When a tread doesn't open for me I either click last page or last post then backtrack

Todd M -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/21/2012 5:43:44 PM)

Everything is working well and fast.

Thanks for working that out guys.

SoMnFan -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (7/21/2012 6:28:33 PM)

Much quicker than it has been.
Always appreciate the work that goes into this thing.
You guys da greatest ....

Guest -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (10/10/2012 8:01:00 AM)


Guest -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/5/2012 12:33:25 AM)

jesus.. this is worse.. I actually have no control , other than shut my eyes and scroll, as fast as I can.. past the drivel..

but I think it's for the best..

I really .. really .. can't stomach some of the things I'm suckered into reading, now, and I think this is my last post here for a long.. long.. time.. like ever..

like a bad addiction.. the withdrawal.. is fading.

for the hell of it i went back and read the 2012 draft thread...just to confirm what i already knew.. that some of you know what your talking about.. and some of you are so fulla shit, that L'm shocked that you don't get scooped up by department of sanitation or the EPA as environmental hazards.

The "statements " made there and how things have actually gone.. have convinced me that this is like a bad family reunion, where everyone just "looks the other way" because it's the "Minnesota Nice" thing to do...

I am not, nor would I ever be mistaken for, "Minnesota Nice".

I'm going to miss chatting with a few.. damn few of you.. but given the balance of that, against the other..

I might actually be better off this way..

I bleed purple, and I'm probably more liberal than many of you care for or even know, on almost everything, but I don't belong here.. I can't sit idly by and ignore the stupid.. especially when the stupid posts, thinking it's "being brilliant".

too many "adults" masquerading as something else.. and way too many "posters" who use "other accounts" to manifest themselves as "individuals"...

At least I am comfortable knowing I was, at the very least, honest about the shit I posted..
others, and they know who they are, never have been.

The really funny thing is, that the "moderators and admins" don't care.. because they know.. they just don't feel it's worth the hassle of having to "explain" everything to the rock gardens and fungi fields..

and I freely admit, and you damn well knew it, that I posted certain things out of pure and simple mean spiritedness, and this is "as close" to an apology as you will ever get, or deserve.... because, you all do it too..

But, Favre STILL sucks, forever!
worst 2 years of my Vikings life.

unless Joe Weblows becomes the starting QB..

nah.. nothing will ever top seeing the Packer franchise Icon of an entire generation, "leading" the Purple, disgracing the uniform, then screwing the pooch, as expected, to rip out all the innocent "believers" lil virgin hearts..

enjoy your private little domain..

Those who care, or give a crap, know how to reach me.

If I die before the Vikings Win a superbowl.. at least I'll be in good company..

but not here.

"I met him once, I did not know him.
I met him though, we met.. in passing".

Todd M -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/5/2012 6:38:34 AM)


and way too many "posters" who use "other accounts" to manifest themselves as "individuals"...

The really funny thing is, that the "moderators and admins" don't care.. because they know.. they just don't feel it's worth the hassle of having to "explain" everything to the rock gardens and fungi fields..

That would piss me off if true. I thought we were done with that shit. I DO NOT like the feeling that you could be talking to the same person using different accounts. Not one bit.

Toby Stumbo -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/5/2012 8:03:46 AM)

Nothing obvious anyway and keep in mind us "all and mighty" admins and mods aren't any different than the rest of you people, it's not like we get paid to make sure this site is perfect for every different type of personality and/or individual who posts here. Well, unless getting second guessed and bashed whenever something doesn't happen or go like the way somebody thinks it should is getting paid??? I for one am so sick and tired of all the damn whining about other posters and/or mods that I've reached the point of not really giving a flip. Cry away! It's all a conspiracy us admins/mods have against each and every one of you "whoa is me" posters. [;)]

Todd M -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/5/2012 8:13:46 AM)

Not trying to make it tough on you, Toby. Just saying how I feel. I didn't even jump in saying it was true...

I know it can seem like a thankless "job" but I'm pretty sure 95% of the posters respect the work the admins do.

Mods maybe not as much but they feed that negative sentiment sometimes.

Toby Stumbo -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/5/2012 8:22:26 AM)

The problem is viewing the mods/admins as different, they aren't. They are here the same reason the rest of us are and that's because they are a Minnesota sports fan, nothing more or less. Sure, it may seem like certain posters get picked on or modded faster/more often than others but then thats usually because said poster has a track record for going out of line. I truely think people just expect to much and really need to just move on and police themselves and quit crying when somebody gets away with or doesn't get away with some sort of personal attack or what not. Get the eff over it already or just leave if it's so bad, we've had plenty do it only to come back under a new secret name.

Duane Sampson -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/5/2012 8:44:10 AM)

There are a few tips out on the Internet to help with these situations.

One tip that people might find particularly helpful is:

Click the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of your browser and the site that is so distraught -filled will close.

I've tested this in Firefox and I.E. and it works. I've read that Chrome, Opera and Safari behave similarly....

Jim Frenette -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/5/2012 9:35:21 AM)

I understand where the poster "guest" is talking about, and would like to know who that actually is since he said he communicated with a few here, he must have been registered at one time.

Toby or Sammy, if you know, and don't want to put it here, can you PM it to me?

Lynn G. -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/5/2012 9:42:21 AM)

Jim - that's Danimal's post.

Jim Frenette -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/5/2012 9:48:45 AM)

No loss then since I didn't think he knew what he was talking about at times either

Guest -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/7/2012 6:46:41 PM)

we are legion..

if you don't believe my hypothisis, look at the number of us reading and laughing at this sorry collection of football fans...


Trekgeekscott -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/26/2012 9:27:06 AM)

Can someone tell me why we can't post in the Celebrity Dead Pool folder anymore?

Duane Sampson -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/26/2012 10:09:21 AM)

You have to hit "submit" Trekkie [:D]

dly1957 -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/26/2012 3:44:07 PM)

there is no "faST reply" box at the end of that thread...

Todd M -> RE: Forum Ideas/Suggestions (12/30/2012 2:44:15 PM)

Search: Harvin
by poster Todd M

0 results as is not specific enough or there are 0 matches

Come on man!

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