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Just Out Of Curiosity

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Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 5:35:11 PM   
Daniel Lee Young

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I am crushed.. dejected, resigned and frustrated..

but I am also encouraged about the current direction of this team

My curiosity is this:

Many who post here are Die hard Vikings Fans who have followed this team for decades and suffered greatly.

I know this is a bit personal, and I absolutely will not hold it against anyone who chooses not to answer but here goes:

How old are you, Right now?


When did you become a true full "bleed purple" Vikings Fan?

I wAs born in 1957, so I am 58 years 5 months and 30 days old today.

In 1967 our family moved to South Plainfield, New Jersey, close to Newark, where my father had a job with NorthWestern Bell as an electrical engineer.

I was just getting my interest in football started..

Every Kid in my neighborhood was a Giants Fan.

They were insufferable.

All they could Talk about was Fran Tarkenton, Homer Jones and Ernie Koy.

We had Lived in Davenport, Iowa, prior to that, after moving there in 1961 from LA County, California, where I was born.

What drew me to like the Vikings, as an outsider, living in the shadows of NYC and the glut of NYG fans, was their coach, Bud Grant, their defense with Page, Eller , Marshall, Kassulke and Warwick.

When They beat the Giants that season, in what was a pretty much a futile season for the Vikes, I loved every second of it @ school.

I was hooked.

I followed the team thru newspapers and the occasional game on tv.

Then Came that fateful 1969 -1970 season.

We were good... our defense was a fearsome thing.

We lost the opener to the Giants, (good thing I no longer lived in NJ...), then reeled off 12 straight wins to easily win the north.

The first playoff game was the Rams @ the Met..

The good old days..

Weather, 10 degrees relative humidity 83%, wind 7 mph, wind chill -1

It was on TV of course, and these two plays (see below) had me jumping and hollering like a fool.. My Dad threatened to turn it off if i didn't settle down... :)

Vikings Joe Kapp 2 yard rush (Fred Cox kick) ........20 21
Vikings Safety, Gabriel tackled in end zone by Eller 20 23

The Eller Safety was the clincher.. Defense wins Championships..

We destroyed Cleveland to win the last NFC championship.

We were pretty heavy Favorites against the Chiefs in SB IV.

Thus began my lifelong heartache..

I watched that game and cursed, threw fits.. threw things... got my mouth washed out with soap at one point for Calling Joe Kapp a "damn idiot!!!!"

I have been "bleed Purple" Ever since that season...

Knowing and hoping in all my heart for redemption.

Go Vikes!!


"Thou shall not bear false witness”
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 5:51:31 PM  1 votes


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Vikings were my mom's favorite team from the moment they took Fran Tarkenton. She watched every Fran game she could

I liked them but I was a Raiders fan #1 until the Vikings signed Randall - my high school buddy.

Vikings #1 since then

Vowed I wouldn't leave until they won a Super Bowl

Then you guys can get rid of me
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:03:08 PM   


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I was born in Minneapolis and lived there (York Avenue South) until 1972, when we moved to the Windy City. Football was really the only sport I watched or understood, so I took my love for the Vikings with me when I moved. The rest of my family became bears fans over time, but the Vikings and my family lake cabin are the two things that still tie me to where I was born. So, the Vikings have been for 48 years, since the day i was born, and that's never going to change.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:05:32 PM   
El Duderino

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From: If you're not into the whole brevity thing ...
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I'm Forty. I was born and raised in northern New England, mainly northwestern Vermont.

I started paying attention to the Vikings the year I moved to Minnesota for college, which was 1993. I was (and still am) a Pats fan, but I was excited to actually live someplace where I could read entire sections of two newspapers after a game, and where I would see every game because the TV stations didn't feel compelled to show every ****ing Jets or Giants game. I started to get sucked in by coworkers in 1996. My first highlight win was the comeback against the Giants in the 1997 playoffs. 1998 is when the infection really took hold, never to let go. Still like the Pats, but the Vikings are my #1 football team, and a very close second to the Red Sox as my favorite team in all sports (there are familial reasons that the Sox will never be surpassed).

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The Dude Abides
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:08:23 PM   
Todd M


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Vikes fan since 1994.

My dad was a Cowboy's fan. Would have probably loved to have his son watch games with him but all I wanted was to flip that switch and play video games.

I was a baseball kid. Didn't care for football at all. Tried out for HS football and made the team on size. I could not have known less about the game than I did. We did win the city championship and that was pretty cool. I paved the way for our 95% running play team. I could pull!

Finished HS in 5 years went by and I didn't choose to watch a single game. Till one day in 93 when I was bored and left the playoff game against the Giants that year on. I was like - I recognize that guy (McMahon) and rooted for what seemed to be the underdog - trying to come back...

Then I just ran with them the next year when the signed Moon.

No real reason I became a fan. Seemed more of a whim based on random circumstances.


When did you become a true full "bleed purple" Vikings Fan?

1997 Giant playoff comeback.


I tried.

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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:10:07 PM   
El Duderino

Posts: 6946
Joined: 7/27/2007
From: If you're not into the whole brevity thing ...
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McMahon to Ismail - I think that might be the first time I remember the Vikings winning a game in which I was cheering for them specifically (as opposed to cheering against their opponent).


The Dude Abides
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:14:08 PM  1 votes
Jim Thomas


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Joined: 11/11/2015
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I am 39.

Grew up in MN watching the Vikes with my dad. Started following them hardcore in 1991. Had a poster with studwell and merriweather on it.

Briefly took martial arts and met Browner and Al Noga. Watched Noga sparring and was amazed. Was even more impressed when he brought his wife one night. She was a member of the Jets and girgeous.. (Marshall Ave self defense in St. Paul)

The Vikings will always be my team. I lived in NY for almost 5 years and this board helped me stay in touch with the team. You guys are great and passionate and there is a lot of knowledge around here.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:19:19 PM   
David F.

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41. I came out purple.


I've come to the conclusion that I'm in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship with the Vikings. Damn it.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:32:31 PM   
David Levine

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From: Las Vegas
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A month away from 45.

Vikings games were major events at my house as far back as I can remember. If you look at pictures of me from about ages 4-6 you'd think we were poor and the only shirt I had was my Tarkenton "jersey" as I'm wearing it in damn near every picture over the time period.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:33:58 PM   
Jim Thomas


Posts: 252
Joined: 11/11/2015
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ORIGINAL: David Levine

A month away from 45.

Vikings games were major events at my house as far back as I can remember. If you look at pictures of me from about ages 4-6 you'd think we were poor and the only shirt I had was my Tarkenton "jersey" as I'm wearing it in damn near every picture over the time period.

I have a picture of me from when I was about 8 wearing a Tarkenton jersey replica T-shirt. Born to be a Vikings fan.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:43:56 PM  1 votes
Steve Lentz

Posts: 33390
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From: Omaha
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How in the hell did I get that old? Born in Minneapolis and there my first 12 years. Got to go to a game their 1st year. I've been through every loss in the franchises history.

Was on a cruise and instead of visiting St Thomas with about 12 couples I stayed on the boat and saw them lose to Atlanta in 98. I sat through every Super Bowl loss.

I remember watching Tommy Mason and when we drafted Clinton Jones, Gene Washington and Alan Page. Been Purple my whole life and wear my colors proud.


"Here comes Diggins"!
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 6:45:52 PM   
Jeff Jesser

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From: Southern Cal
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40 grew up in the corn suburbs of Minneapolis. Been a fan my whole life. Like DL, pics of me as a kid always had Vikes gear but I "really" became a fan after the hail mary to from Kramer to Rashad. We listened to the game coming back from a fishing trip. That was the first 'real' memory I have of the team.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:02:43 PM   


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From: Twin Cities
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Thanks Steve, I don't feel so old at 59 now, lol. Great name too! I was born in Minneapolis, but grew up in the suburb of Brooklyn Park when it was mostly corn and potatoes, and have lived in Minnesota my whole life. I have been a Viking fan for as long as I can remember and have been through every lose and heart break along the way. Watching the PPE do their thing on Sunday afternoon with Dad was what hooked me for life.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:08:09 PM   
Mark Anderson


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Started following them in 1976(9 years old). Cut out the article in the paper when they beat the Rams that year in playoffs and taped it to my bedroom door.

I remember being pretty excited when we blocked Ray Guy's punt in SB and then we gave the ball to the wrong RB and it was all down hill from there.

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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:11:40 PM   

Posts: 3458
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From: BFE, WA
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47 came out purple. Moved away from Minny in 1989. Joined the Strib for more Viking info since I lived in other states in the mid 90s. It would be nice to know the date I joined the strib. Gosh that was a long time ago.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:27:43 PM   

Posts: 25191
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I'm 36, been a fan since I was old enough to understand the concept of football, my earliest memory included guys like Paul Flatley, Tommy Mason, Bill Brown, the PPE were soon to come. Used to dive over the snow piles on the side of the street "Bill Brown leaps over the line into the endzone touchdown!". Prior to 1961 this area was Packer country, proud to say that there was NONE of that in my family, really not for any acquaintances/relatives either, don't know if that was just happenstance, or part of my dads master plan.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:28:28 PM   
Ricky J

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Born in MN, raised in IA

Joe Kapp may still be my favorite Viking. Teddy will push him if it works out right. Watched 'em all. This one fits in with the best of 'em.

We will get ours! It's going to happen.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:29:03 PM   
Lynn G.

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I'm just one year younger than you Dan, so I've been in it for over four decades now. I don't remember much about football until I was about 10 years old, so I would say my time on this chain gang is about 46 years. That's a long time to wait for something you really, really want.

For me, watching football was something I did with my dad and since I was a tomboy sports weren't hard for me to latch on to. I feel so bad that my dad never saw a Superbowl win in his lifetime - and he was one of those really great fans that just bled purple but didn't rail against other teams or other fans (he was a better man than I am on that note). He just loved his team and it's a shame he never saw them raise the trophy at the end of a season.

I get that sinking feeling that it could very well be my story as well. You'd think that this many years into a franchise and as many trips to the playoffs as they have made that there would be at least one Superbowl win in their history. I guess there is no guarantee that there will EVER be one.



What's up with that bootheel, Missouri?
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:34:34 PM   
Bruce M


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61. Born in Northern MN and still live there. Started watching with my dad in 1966 so going on 50 years. He was a fan since they started but was not hardcore but was what I would call a pragmatic fan. I think I inherited that from him although I remember as a kid watching all four super bowls with him and I always held out hope until the end while he always seemed to know when the game was really over. Me and my friends were destroyed 4 times after those losses. My fandom has tempered since then and I'm more like my dad now. Both my boys were crazy about football when they played it in high school and are avid fans of the team.

6 out of 8 of the kids in my family were and still are fans. My youngest sister the most zealous fan. She lives in the Cities and gets her picture taken with every Vike she can meet and has quite a collection. He most treasured one is with Fran taken just this summer. She hung out with Greenway this year through a mutual friend. From what I hear from her, he's a real stand-up dude.

Never saw a game at the old Met but took my oldest son to our first game at the Dome the day before he left for the Marines. Vikes vs Tampa Bay. We drove 4 hours down there, got in our seats and watched the game and then drove 4 hours back. A really great father/son day that I'll never forget. My two boys and I watched every game from when they were little until they left home. My youngest moved far away (not many Viking fans there) and being the more emotional of us three, really gets destroyed when they lose big games. He was texting me all through the game yesterday and in the end he was once again devastated. Had to go outside to call his old man to calm him down so his kids wouldn't hear him swearing.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:36:31 PM   


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From: Dillsburg, pa
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Actually born in La Crosse Wi in 1960 and raised in La Crescent MN. Learned to hate all things Packer at an early age. By 10 a huge Viking, Twins, North Star fan. Over the years in the military living in many states, deployed to far away places, the one constant in my life are the Vikes. There are easier teams to root for, but not for me. Ever.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:42:06 PM   
Dave Odle

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From: Garland, TX
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I'm 40 years old and became a Vikings fan in 1994 when Warren Moon came over. To put it more accurately, I am a Dallas Cowboys renegade who deserted them when Jerry Jones bought the team. I knew he was an asshat even at fourteen years old. Plus, he did the legendary Tom Landry completely dirty. I took no pleasure in the early 90's Super Bowl wins because I had already defected to the Oilers as a fan, while living in Austin. That's where I continued to remain in a state of awe at Moon and his ridiculous run and shoot offense. I was already trained in heartache before becoming a Vikes fan. I turned my back on the Cowboys: they win multiple Superbowls. I become an Oilers fan: they blow one of the biggest playoff leads in history to the Bills. I come here; meh, you guys are used to it! I really belong here in football purgatory w/ you guys!


Could this be the year?
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:45:12 PM   
Todd M


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ORIGINAL: thebigo

I'm 36



I guess there is no guarantee that there will EVER be one.


Scary thought. But as we see time after takes so much to get to the big game...let alone win.

No one is getting any younger. A couple more decades might do a lot of us in.

Aaaaaaaaand I should find a new train of thought...


I tried.

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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:46:42 PM   
Rob Viking


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Wow Dave sound a bit like my story.

I am 31 and born and raised in Montreal.

Fan since 1994. Was an Oilers fan before that but Warren Moon went to Minnesota my favorite player at the time and the Oilers then went from 12-4 to 2-14. I just became a fan of the passing game with Cris Carter and Jake Reed as well. I smartly jumped ship, plus I was only 9 so it should have been allowed.
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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:49:12 PM   
Todd M


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Great thread. Great stories.

The board has done very well in the 24 hr interim since we had our hearts ripped out again.


I tried.

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RE: Just Out Of Curiosity - 1/11/2016 7:55:22 PM   
kurt bilben

Posts: 18758
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From: socal as well
Status: offline
Awesome thread Danno!

In Vegas working, will add my boring story later...
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