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marty -> RE: The Packers (3/24/2022 6:18:40 PM)

Another thing to keep in mind with GB is the last 3 DCs:

Capers < Pettine < Barry

Capers - Pack won the SB despite him, sealed games with turnovers and a 2ndary getting away with non-call PI. Capers was with the Vikings last year, is it a coincidence it sucked ?

Pettine - Decent defenses in Cleveland, but always gave up the big play. Same thing with the Packers defense under him. He is with the Vikings now, so they will probably give up big plays with games on the line.

Barry - Unless last year was a fluke, the Pack defense was a SB defense, losing to the 49ers because of special teams, and Shanahan seems to outcoach Pack HC in playoff games.

marty -> RE: The Packers (4/27/2022 10:56:58 AM)

Would anyone here find it sorta funny if the Puke drafted a QB with one of their 1st round picks ?

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