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Karl Juhnke -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (4/6/2023 11:29:05 AM)

Jamison Battle has committed to Ohio State.

This defection doesn’t sting as much as losing our star recruit. I was never a huge Battle fan. He was good at times but only stood out because he was surrounded by mediocrity.

He could be lost in the shuffle at OSU.

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (11/16/2023 8:18:30 PM)

Gophers rockin' it early! Bonus, Provus on the mic.

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (11/16/2023 8:21:38 PM)

I think NIL is actually going to help the historically mid-tier basketball programs like the Gophers. We'll be able to take advantage of being a team with older players. That works in college hoops.

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (11/16/2023 8:33:58 PM)

Who are these guys??? I haven't seen a Gophers team look this athletic since 1997.

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (11/16/2023 10:13:53 PM)

Epic meltdown by the Gophers!

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (12/7/2023 9:41:14 AM)

Gophers looked great last night. Absolutely destroyed a very good Nebraska team. We'll easily win more conference games this season than we did last season (2).

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (12/13/2023 1:05:04 PM)

Sophomore men's basketball guard Braeden Carrington (Brooklyn Park, Minn.) has announced that he will take an indefinite leave of absence from the program to focus on his mental health. Carrington has started in all 10 games for the Golden Gophers this season.

"We fully support Braeden as he takes this time to focus on his mental health," head coach Ben Johnson said. "Myself, our administration and our team will do whatever we can to help him and I admire Braeden for his courage. We will be here to assist him every step of the way."

Phil Riewer -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (1/8/2024 9:25:31 AM)

Road win at Michigan and a home win against Maryland? Maybe these Gophers aren't so bad. We finally have a decent PG.

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (1/8/2024 1:01:51 PM)


ORIGINAL: Phil Riewer

Road win at Michigan and a home win against Maryland? Maybe these Gophers aren't so bad. We finally have a decent PG.

Yeah, I called it.

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (1/8/2024 1:04:40 PM)

2nd place (of 14) in the B1G. Maybe we should be happy? Or if you're not 1st, you're the 1st loser?

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (2/28/2024 10:24:50 PM)

That was a great game at Illinois. Insane how both teams made so many tough shots. I can't even say the defense was bad. Gophers hit 70% from 3-point range and still lost by 8.

MDK -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (3/7/2024 6:42:44 AM)

Gopher men looked worse than a Jr High BB team.
Free throws, outside jump shots, bad passes and turnovers. Tried to be quicker to the hoop before defense was set and stumbled and fumbled.
Awful awful BB.

David Levine -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (3/12/2024 12:56:26 PM)

Cam Christie is first Gophers player to make all-league freshman team since Amir Coffey in 2016-17.

Phil Riewer -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (3/28/2024 1:14:29 PM)

JOJ, Carrington, and Payne in the Portal. Hope we can keep Christie.
Payne was very good except when it came to FT....

Bill Jandro -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (3/29/2024 6:58:23 AM)

This portal thing is getting out of hand. I thought players could only use it once under specific circumstances. But players seem to transfer every year.

Heard on the radio a Badger player has never stayed in one school in consecutive years the last 7 dating back to HS.

twinsfan -> RE: Gopher Basketball (Mens) (4/4/2024 2:41:45 PM)

Garcia is returning to the Gophers.

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